Birch Wood Beanie

FREE crochet hat pattern - Birch Wood Beanie | This super stretchy knit-look hat works up very quickly! You'll need a 5 mm hook and a skein of worsted weight yarn to make your own. Often times my favorite crochet hats lose their stretch all too quickly. This hat seems to spring back a little bit better than usual! I used a technique inspired by knitting to really shape the crown of the hat so it fits perfectly and has even more give. #crochet #pattern #beanie #hat #pompom

Free crochet beanie pattern - Birch Wood Beanie

Dogwood Flowers

Free crochet dogwood flower pattern - #flower #crochet #free #pattern #dogwood

The dogwood flowers in my backyard prompted me to create this pretty pattern! I tested a few different versions before coming up with flowers that looked realistic and still worked up quickly. You can get the printable version of the pattern HERE. Here are my first prototypes: If you'd like these patterns feel free to …

Iceland Poppy Pattern

FREE crochet Iceland poppy pattern - make a bunch of realistic crochet poppies for a Mother's Day bouquet or a Spring flower crown #crochet #flower #poppy #free #pattern

Poppies are definitely my favorite flower. Last Spring I created my first crochet pattern, a red field poppy (you can get that free pattern HERE.)¬†After almost a year of pattern making I decided to revamp my original poppy! I think this pattern looks even more realistic. This pattern uses a combination of worsted and dk …

Single Crochet Ribbed Stitch

How to crochet the single crochet ribbed stitch | crochet diagram, photo tutorial, and written pattern provided - part of a series of crochet ribbed stitches

  Since I started crocheting I've had a sort of fascination with ribbed stitches. I love the plush texture and elasticity they provide to crochet accessories and garments. This year I'd like to explore all the possibilities of crochet ribbing and create a resource for crochet pattern designing. Every week I'll be exploring a different …

16 Last Minute Christmas Gifts to Crochet

Last minute Christmas gifts to crochet - 16 FREE crochet patterns | a crochet pattern roundup at |

Where has all the season gone? It feels like just yesterday I was anxiously awaiting Christmas crafting. With only 8 days until Christmas left, I have just a few more little stocking stuffers to create. I've assembled this list of free ( & very cute!) crochet patterns that you can make really quickly if you're …

3 Tips For Translating Crochet Patterns

A guide for translating German crochet patterns into U.S. crochet terms.

I found this free crochet llama pattern in German and I couldn't resist making it! This is the first time that I've ever successfully completed a project written in a different language and I feel quite proud. I figured that I'd share my insight on following the German pattern for any English speakers who'd like …

Free Crochet Pattern: Wreath Gift Topper

I began holiday crafting early this year! This tiny Christmas wreath is my first completed project of the season. I'm using mine as a gift topper. I love how simple it looks on top of kraft paper and neon baker's twine. Materials Red Heart Super Saver yarn in the color Tea Leaf (You can get …