Tiny Penguins

Free Penguin Crochet Pattern - free crochet pattern & video tutorial for amigurumi penguins - These work up quickly & would make adorable Christmas ornaments! - #crochet #christmas #craft #free #pattern #penguins #crochet #amigurumi

Free crochet pattern & video tutorial for tiny amigurumi penguins.


Christmas Pudding Bear Ornament

FREE Christmas ornament crochet pattern | Christmas Pudding Bear Ornament | picotpals.com

I've received a lot of feedback on my original Christmas Pudding Bear so far (which makes me so happy!). I found that a lot of people wanted to make the bear as an ornament or a gift topper. My first Christmas Pudding Bear might be a bit too large to use as an ornament. As …

Cuddly Crochet Snowman

Crochet Snowman FREE pattern from picotpals.com

I was inspired by this set of cards from Kiyomi Designs & Collections to make my own cute and pudgy snowman. I just love this entire set! Especially that little Christmas tree in the background.   Cuddly Snowman  crochet pattern by Picot Pals Finished size 3 inches (7.62 cm) x 4  inches (10.16 cm) Materials …

Christmas Pudding Bear

FREE crochet pattern | Christmas Pudding Bear

  Upon doing a Pinterest search for 'cute Christmas' I came across a bunch of adorable Christmas puddings! Living in the U.S., I've ever tasted Christmas pudding. It sounds a bit like fruit cake or a fig pudding (maybe a bit yummier). Please correct me if I'm wrong! While I'm not altogether familiar with Christmas …

10 Free Crochet Candy Corn Patterns

Free Crochet Pattern Roundup | 10 FREE candy corn patterns to crochet this fall!

Halloween is rapidly approaching! Here are 10 sweet candy corn crochet patterns that you can crochet in a snap. Candy Corn Coffee Cozy - My Purpose In Life Is Joy   Candy Corn Pet Sweater - DIY Maven   Science (the candy corn lab rat from Adventure Time) - Pops De Milk   Candy Corn …

Pumpkin Patch Bear Pin

Free Crochet Pattern - Pumpkin Patch Bear Pin | picotpals.com

    After making my Pumpkin Patch Bear I had just enough orange yarn to crochet something small. I came up with a mini pumpkin bear! I'm going to use mine as a festive little pin for my backpack. I think these would be so cute as a hair clip. Unfortunately, I'm not that adventurous with …

Crochet Invisible Decrease Tutorial

Crochet Invisible Decrease Tutorial by Picot Pals

What is an invisible decrease? An invisible decrease is such an easy way to improve the overall craftsmanship of your crochet amigurumi. You might come across it abbreviated as invdec in a written pattern. The technique is worked in the front loop of your stitches resulting in a tinier stitch that is uniform with the …

How To Use A Stitch Marker

For some reason, the correct way to use stitch markers totally eluded me. My frazzled beginner crochet brain just couldn’t understand it! Using a stitch marker is actually a super simple concept.  Stitch markers are ESSENTIAL to crocheting in a continuous round. Only very experienced crocheters can spot the beginning and end of a crochet …

Pumpkin Patch Bear

free crochet pattern - Pumpkin Patch Bear by Picot Pals

  I was inspired by a pattern I saw on TokyoBunnie's Instagram to create this cute pumpkin bear!     I made the bear big enough to be a little accent pillow or a huggable plush. This pattern works up pretty quickly. You can make your own pumpkin bear in an afternoon. You can purchase the …