Llama Bobbins!

Organize your yarn scraps and embroidery thread with these cute llama thread bobbins! There are two free printables available for download

I hate to throw away yarn scraps. I go through bouts of collecting scraps followed by periods of purging my messy workspace. To break this cycle, I sorted through my pile of odds and ends. I created these llama bobbins to organize and display my favorite yarns and threads! There are two files. One has …


Christmas Tree Pom Poms

Create a colorful forest of pom pom evergreens in a few easy steps!

DIY Baker’s Twine

Baker's Twine is a versatile crafting material that becomes especially handy around the Holidays for adding a special touch to Christmas crafts and gifts. If you don't have any baker's twine on hand you can easily whip up your own in any color. This is great if you want multiple colors of baker's twine or …