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Birch Wood Beanie


I used an unusual crochet technique to give the beanie extra stretch & a comfy fit! I first saw this technique used in a hat pattern by Russian designer Polina Kuts. I’d been fiddling with the technique for almost a year before I discovered the perfect confluence of yarn weight and hook size.

This pattern works up pretty quickly–It took me about 2 hours from start to finish! When it’s completed, it looks almost deceivingly small for a crocheted hat. Don’t worry though! The beanie stretches to fit comfortably (even on my kinda big head).

Because the technique used to create this hat is quite different, I’d classify this pattern as intermediate. Don’t get discouraged though! If you’re a new to crochet, try skimming over (or following) the video tutorial for this hat. 

The black and white marled yarn I’ve been loving lately reminds me of the speckled trunks of birch trees.

I took this opportunity to make some birch bark themed hat sleeves as well!

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Pattern Overview

skill level


finished size

14 inches [35.46 cm] around x 11.5 inches [29.21 cm]


140 yards [128 meters]


14 rows x 14 stitches = 4” (10 cm) x 4” (10 cm)

other details

  • Rows 1-51 are worked sideways. Row 52 is worked in the round.
  • Turning chains are not counted as a stitch or included in stitch count.
  • Do not work the first stitch of each row in a turning chain.



Yarn Bee Denim In Color in the shade Black

crochet hook


tapestry needle


Abbreviations [U.S. terms]

BLO sc

back loop only single crochet




single crochet decrease


single crochet

sl st

slip stitch

*instructions* x times

Repeat instructions between * * as many times as specified.

Pattern Instructions

Ch 41, skip first ch from hook,

Row 1: 36 sc, sl st, ch 1, turn (37)

Row 2: 37 BLO sc, ch 1, turn (37)

Row 3: 37 BLO sc, sl st, ch 1, turn (38)

Row 4: 38 BLO sc, ch 1, turn (38)

Row 5: 38 BLO sc, sl st, ch 1, turn (39)

Row 6: 39 BLO sc, ch 1, turn (39)

Row 7: 39 BLO sc, sl st, ch 1, turn (40)

Row 8: 40 BLO sc, ch 1, turn (40)

Row 9: 40 BLO sc, ch 1, turn (40)

Row 10: 40 BLO sc, ch 1, turn (40)

Rows 11-50: Repeat rows 1-10 4 more times for a total of 50 rows. Do not finish off.

Row 51: sl st row 50 and row 1 together. Do not finish off. (40)

Row 52: ch 1,(around the 15 stitches at the top of the hat) *3sc, dec* 3 times sl st to first st of row (12)

Finish off. Leave a long tail.

Weave tail through every other stitch of row 52, pull tight like a drawstring. Weave in any loose ends.

Photo Guides

Getting Started With Row 1

Rows 51-52 & Assembly

Add your favorite pom pom to the crown of your hat and it’s ready to wear or gift!

Feel free to sell finished work made from this pattern! I’d appreciate it if you’d credit me as the pattern designer when selling finished work. Please do not reproduce this pattern.

Tag your hat with @picotpals on Instagram to share it with me!

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