Moon Phase Choker

Moon phase choker free crochet pattern #crochet #free pattern #jewelry

I’ve been so inspired by all of the moon phase home decor and jewelry that I’ve noticed lately on Instagram! I decided to put my jewelry making skills to the test and create my own crochet accessory.

I used embroidery thread to make very tiny moons. I think this could make a cool bunting with worsted weight yarn or a pretty, variegated sock yarn. You could also make a really cute tote bag charm with a few moon phases and an assortment of pom poms and tassels!

Other than the moon phase motifs, this pattern is more of a crochet recipe that you can adjust to fit your preferences. I’ll be breaking up the choker tutorial into a series of steps you can follow to customize your necklace. (I should let you know in advance that there is a little bit of math involved.)

  1. Gather your materials


  2. Crochet the moon phase appliques. Moon Phase Choker free crochet pattern from #crochet #free pattern #jewelry
  3. Attach the moon phases to one another. Use the illustration below as a guide.IMG_0309 2.JPG
  4. Find the measurements for the necklace ‘chains’. Find the circumference of your neck with a piece of scrap yarn. Add 5 inches to your neck measurement. Subtract the length of the moon phases. Divide your final measurement by 2. Untitled_Artwork
  5. Crochet the chain stitch until it meets the measurement you found in step 4. Do this twice. Each of my necklace ‘chains’ had 56  chain stitches in them.
  6. Attach each chain to the jump rings.
  7. Make a square knot closure. I used this tutorial to learn the square knot. You can always skip this step and tie a bow to close your choker.

Now your choker is complete!


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  1. So cool! I need to see if my husband will make it for me. He’s way better at crochet than I am!

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