The Wave Beanie

The Wave Beanie - Free crochet beanie pattern

*EDIT – I’ve since updated this pattern, you can see the newer version of this pattern HERE.*

Recently I’ve purchased my first beanie! I know that might sound a little crazy to anyone else who lives in the Northeastern U.S., but I’ve never really been a hat person until this winter. I made the wave beanie to mimic the style of my newly purchased hat. You can wear this beanie with the ribbed bottom down for a slouchier fit (as pictured above). Or you can fold that section up for a more fitted cap like the picture below .

The Wave Beanie - Free crochet beanie pattern

To create this hat, I used a variation of this stitch to give the hat some elasticity as well as a really interesting texture.

You can get the printable version of this pattern for $2.50 HERE.

Without further ado, here’s the free pattern!

The Wave Beanie

A crochet Pattern by Picot Pals

Finished Size

17” (43.18 cm) x 11” (27.94 cm) before folding.


190-230 yards (174-214 meters)


14 rows x 15 stitches = 4” (10 cm) x 4” (10 cm)


Abbreviations (US terms)

BLO –  back loop only

ch – chain

dc – back loop only double crochet

sc – back loop only single crochet

sl st – back loop only slip stitch

st – stitch

Pattern Notes

  • The first stitch is worked in both loops. Each stitch after that is worked in the BLO.
  • Each ch 1 counts as a stitch.
  • The hat is worked flat in rows then stitched together.
  • ** indicates a repeated instruction. Repeat the instructions between asterisks as many times as specified.

Pattern Instructions

ch 46

Row 1: skip first ch, 9 sc, *5 sl st, 5 dc* 3 times, 5 sl st, ch 1, turn (45)

Row 2: skip first st, 4 sl st, *5 dc, 5 sl st* 3 times, 10 sc, ch 1, turn (45)

Row 3: Skip first st, 9 sc, *5 dc, 5 sl st* 3 times, 5 sl st, ch 1, turn (45)

Row 4: skip first st, 9 sl st, *5 dc, 5 sl st* 2 times, 5 dc, 10 sc, ch 1, turn (45)

Rows 5-60: repeat rows 1-4 15 times for a total of 60 rows.


  • Stitch both ends of the hat together.
  • Sew a running stitch across the 5 sl st section of the hat. Each stitch should be about 1 inch (2.54 cm) across.
  • Pull tightly (like a drawstring).
  • Weave your tapestry Needle through the closed circle that you made.
  • Stitch a pom pom to the top of the hat.

The Wave Beanie - Free crochet beanie pattern

Pattern Diagram

The Wave Beanie - Free crochet beanie pattern

Let me know what you think about this pattern! Leave any questions or comments down below.

Happy Crocheting!

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31 Replies to “The Wave Beanie”

  1. Hi. Love the look of this pattern! I’m not great at working hats flat vs in the round, but I’m making this one work. I also don’t understand how and when to do the ribbed brim as it isn’t addressed in the pattern. Do I complete the pattern THEN just stitch a brim st the end? Also I was wondering if I couldn’t stitch a brim, join it, then work this oattern in the round. Would that work??

    1. Thank you! The brim is actually written into. So instead of making a brim then working the ‘body’ of the hat separately, it’s all worked as one piece, like a wash cloth. Then the first and last rows are sewn together to make a tube. I don’t think this pattern will work in the round as is. The waves will be facing in an opposite direction (if that makes sense). I’m not sure how you could make decreases as you reach the top of the hat? If you manage try this out please let me know if it works! I have issues making hats in the round and this stitch pattern might look awesome worked that way.

      1. Not yet. I do have a tutorial for my other hat on my YouTube channel that is constructed similarly. I think I’ll make a tutorial for this hat in the future.

      2. The hat is beautiful…but i like more to crochet it in the round to avoid sew it.

      3. I actually tried seaming up my newest hat pattern with slip stitches instead of sewing and it went a little bit faster!

        I just really love the texture & thickness I can get from working hats flat.

        That being said, crochet hats in the round tend to work up faster and easier for me.

    2. Hi I am having such an issue with row 1 ……it says ch 46 but when you get to the end of the row I always end up with one extra stitch………please help

      1. When you turn your work, make sure to skip the first ch from your hook. Skipping this should give you a total of 45 stitches. I hope this helps! Let me know if you run into trouble later in the pattern or if you need extra help

  2. Hi. I like this pattern but got through the first 8 rows using the pattern diagram before I realized the diagram calls for half double crochets and the written instructions call for double crochets. Let me know if I’m not reading it right since I don’t usually use the diagram, but it was easier to follow. I probably won’t rip these rows out and start over since this is my test hat for this pattern. I’m hoping it will go a little faster once I switch to DCs. Thanks for sharing your patterns!

    1. Sorry to get back to you a bit late! The diagram is actually incorrect. Somehow I confused dc and hdc! I’ll make note of that above the diagram.

      If you have finished up the hat with double crochet instead of half double crochet, please let me know how it worked out! I’m curious to see how the look & fit of the hat might change.

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