Christmas Tree Pom Poms

Pom Pom Christmas Trees

For the last two Christmases I’ve been somewhat obsessed with creating my own bottlebrush trees. I’ve stopped myself from actually making them for two reasons. I don’t have any of the materials I’d need to create bottle brush trees (you need wire, clamps, special glue, and sisal fiber). I also get so easily frustrated working with wire and typically end up inadvertently stabbing my fingers with the sharp edges.

These pom pom trees just require yarn scraps, buttons, a fork, and a glue gun. Best of all, there’s no twisting or plying involved. While they aren’t an exact ‘dupe’ for bottle brush trees, I still love how cute they look! I’ll definitely be using my pom pom Christmas trees in place of bottle brush trees for holiday crafts this year.

Christmas Tree Pom Pom Tutorial

Get together your materials!

  • an assortment of buttons
  • sharp scissors
  • a glue gun
  • long scraps of yarn
  • a fork

Make a fork pom pom.

You can follow along with my fork pom pom tutorial if you haven’t done this before (don’t worry it’s super easy!). Make sure NOT to trim your pom pom when you’re done. Instead of shaping the pom pom into a typical sphere, you’ll be working it into a more conical shape.

Cut the edges off of your pom poms at a slant. Continue trimming around the edges.

christmas tree pom pom tutorial-1


You’ll be left with a cone shaped pom pom like the one below.

christmas tree pom pom tutorial-2
My sculpted pom pom & trimmings look like a pink winter wonderland!


Repeat this step with your favorite colors!

christmas tree pom pom tutorial-5


Gather up some dark colored buttons.

christmas tree pom pom tutorial-7
I used purple and light brown buttons. I stacked buttons to make a larger base for bigger trees.


Glue these buttons to the bottom end of your trees.

christmas tree pom pom tutorial-9

Let me know how you’d decorate with these pom poms! I think they would look SO cute on the roof of a vintage toy car as an ornament.

If you’re craving more creative uses for scrap yarn, follow my Scrap Yarn Ideas Pinterest board


9 Replies to “Christmas Tree Pom Poms”

    1. Thank you! I think they’d look adorable coming out of a Christmas stocking. I can’t wait to see how I can decorate with them once it gets a little closer to Christmas.

  1. I work in a middle/high school library and have a few girls who come in during study halls/commons periods to play with fiber. Pompom spiders and turkeys were the thing for the past couple of months and I’m so happy to see these. Thank you for sharing, I think that the girls will be thrilled .

    1. I wish I would have had a place to play with yarn during study halls! I think that’s an awesome way to mitigate some of the stress that comes along with school work. Thank you so much for sharing my little craft with others!

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