DIY Baker’s Twine

DIY Baker's Twine

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Baker’s Twine is a versatile crafting material that becomes especially handy around the Holidays for adding a special touch to Christmas crafts and gifts. If you don’t have any baker’s twine on hand you can easily whip up your own in any color.

This is great if you want multiple colors of baker’s twine or if you just don’t feel like trekking over to the craft store.

All you need is white thread and a marker! I made mine with this pink sharpie highlighter and this crochet thread. I’ve found that the thicker your marker is, the easier it is to make the twine.


Follow these steps to make your own Baker’s Twine:


1. Wrap the thread around a small piece of card stock.

I taped down the ends of my thread to keep it in place.

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2. Draw a few vertical lines across the thread.

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  • Do this on both sides of the card stock.
  • Make sure to press down with your marker so that the ink gets absorbed and the color is visible on both sides of the thread.
  • Don’t worry about being perfect here. My lines look a little messy but the twine still looked great once I unraveled it.

Let the thread dry for 10 minutes.

I got impatient and ended up getting bright pink ink all over my hands the first time I tried this. Drying times may be different for different markers. My twine felt dry after about 10 minutes.


I used my faux baker’s twine and a crocheted wreath to make this present look special. I love how the neon pink baker’s twine looks against the simple kraft paper.

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