Scrap Yarn Pom Pom Tutorial

Scrap Yarn Pom Poms (1)

Lately I’ve been plagued with a massive amount of scrap yarn thats been creating a mess on my desk. I hate wasting yarn, even if it’s just small scraps. I did a little Pinterest digging for different ways to use my scrap yarn and soon became captivated with the multicolored pom poms I found in the results.

It’s no secret that I LOVE pom poms. However, I’ve struggled with diy pom pom makers in the past. Pom poms that I’ve made using different methods have been too loose resulting in a mess of yarn bits. I decided to give pom pom making another try. Using the fork method I was able to create cute tiny pom poms with my yarn scraps that stayed together beautifully!

You can follow along with the photo tutorial and instructions below to create your own scrap yarn pom poms. All you need is a fork, a sharp pair of scissors, and your yarn scraps.

Scrap Yarn Pom Pom Tutorial


pom pom fork photo tutorial.png

  1. Cut a piece of yarn to set aside. This will hold your pom pom in place later.
  2. Wrap the tail of your yarn around the inside of the fork. This will anchor your yarn in place
  3. Wrap your yarn around the hook 40 times. cut yarn
  4. Push the wrapped yarn up on the fork.
  5. Pull that precut yarn through the center of the fork once below the yarn and then again above the yarn
  6. Pull both ends so that the yarn gathers in the center. Knot tightly.
  7. Pull the yarn bundle off the fork and double knot.
  8. Trim through all the loops. very small, sharp scissors work best.
  9. Give the pom pom a haircut to even it out.


pom pom hand

pom pom on crochet

I’m very pleased with how these pom poms came out! I think I’m going to turn them into a colorful garland to cheer up the space above my desk.

If you’re craving more scrap yarn ideas, you can find a bunch on my Pinterest board HERE

Happy Crafting!

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    1. Thank you! I’m going to make a whole bunch more. I love that this uses up even the tiniest of my scraps that I couldn’t otherwise crochet with. There’s going to be a lot more pom pom decor around my home soon!

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