Seamless Amigurumi Finish Tutorial

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When I started making amigurumi, I was disappointed with the lumpy finish at the end of my amigurumi. The ends of my amigurumi ended up with large gaps which stuffing popped through. I had no idea how to finish off my projects. I’d even run into the issue of my amigurumis falling apart!

I wanted to share my method for securing my amigurumi and keeping the finish looking neat and tidy. It’s a combination of different techniques that I’ve picked up along the way including June Gilbank’s ultimate finish for amigurumi.

Since I’ve been using this technique, none of my amigurumis have come undone. I’m really pleased with the way the finish looks.

If you’ve struggled with amigurumi that comes apart or has gaps at the end, you can try out my technique for creating a seamless finish!


Cut your yarn, Leave a long tail. Pull up the tail through your last stitch and pull tightly. Attach your tapestry needle.

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amigurumi seamless finish tutorial picotpals


  1. Weave your needle through the front loops only. Don’t pull the yarn too tightly. Weave from the outside to the inside of each stitch. I’ve highlighted the front loops in green. The green arrows show the direction in which you should weave your needle.
  2. Tightly pull the tail. This will create a small lump where the stitches meet. (Don’t worry, this bump will disappear in the next step.)

  3. Insert your needle into the lump. Make sure that the needle goes through the stuffing and exits at a distant point in your amigurumi. Gently pull the needle through.
  4. Make a knot close to the surface of your amigurumi.
  5. Insert your needle next to the knot. Make sure that the needle goes through the stuffing and exits at a distant point in your amigurumi. Gently pull the needle through.

Repeat steps 4 and 5 one more time to ensure that your amigurumi is secure.

Snip the tail close to the surface of the amigurumi.

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Let me know about your tips and tricks for making amigurumi in the comments below!

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