8 Free Crochet Mandala Tutorials

free crochet mandala tutorial

While crochet mandalas are more of a summer project, the unseasonably hot weather I’ve been experiencing had me in the mood to make some! Following a mandala pattern is a great way to unwind and play with different colors you might have in your yarn stash.

All of the mandala patterns in this list come with a photo tutorial to guide you through more complex crochet maneuvers (like overlay crochet).


Colorful Crochet Mandala – Mollie Makes



Mini Mandala – Picot Pals

mini mandala picotpals


Mandala Magnets – Bluettine



Rhiannon – Grace Fearon



Mandy’s Mega Mandala Cushion – Red Agape



Macaron Pin Cushion – Lilla Bjorn



Sophie’s Mandala – Dedri Udis



Magnolia Mandala – Crochet Milan



Here are some paid intermediate patterns for amazingly gorgeous mandalas that I’ve been eying up on Etsy:

Peacock Feather Mandala – Yarn House



Mandala No. 8 – CaroCreated



Mandala No.5 – CaroCreated



While looking through all of these patterns I realized that mandalas are basically modern day doilies. I love how they’re a modern take on a traditional crochet piece.

What are your favorite crochet mandala patterns?  How do you decorate with the mandalas you’ve made? Let me know in the comments below!

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