Crochet Purse: Free Pattern

finished crochet mini purse

I tried out this pattern a looong time ago when I first started to crochet. I didn’t know how to read crochet diagrams but I tried my best to make this adorable little bag. I struggled with the pattern and ended up scrapping the project. (Sidenote: if you’re struggling with crochet patterns, THIS post explains how to read them.)

I shared the pattern with my grandma and she loved how the finished purse looked. It was a coincidence that I came across the pattern on Pinterest just as her birthday approaches. I recalled how much she liked the little purse and decided to give the pattern another go!

This time I’m really pleased with how my bag turned out! I crocheted using some of her favorite colors. I think they go really well together!


How I made the bag


crochet bag fall leaves


I used a 2.75 mm crochet hook (this one is my favorite) and DK weight cotton yarn in 3 different colors to crochet my bag. You can find the free pattern for the bag HERE.


I stitched across the bottom of the ‘doily’ part of the bag, attaching it firmly to the base of the bag.

attaching crochet pieces


I had some trouble choosing the right button color to add to the purse. Eventually I chose a bright turquoise-y blue.

crochet bag buttons


To make the wrist strap I chained 51 and single crocheted across leaving a super long tail to weave in.


I deconstructed an old skirt and hand stitched it into the inside of my mini purse. I think this adds a more polished look.

lining a crochet mini purse


I made a little parchment paper envelope to package the finished bag.

crochet mini purse packaging


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