Magic Lantern Granny Squares: Free Pattern

A while ago I stumbled upon a crochet diagram on Pinterest without a title or a designer. Upon doing a reverse image search I found out that this type of pattern is called a magic lantern. I still haven’t found out who created the diagram but I’m still searching!

Here are some of the lanterns that I made loosely following the mystery pattern :

crochet granny square free pattern

After playing around with the crochet diagram, I started to make my own pattern by modifying the different stitches found in the diagram. The result is a smaller, more compact looking magic lantern.



Pattern Notes

  • Chain 2 at the beginning of each row, this counts as the first half double crochet.
  • I cut the yarn at the end of each round and re-attach a new color in the chain space to begin a new round.
  • I used Paintbox Yarns DK weight cotton yarn and a 2.75 mm crochet hook.
  • In rows 2 & 3 you are only crocheting in the chain spaces.
  • In row 4 you want to crochet in both the chain spaces and the spaces between groups of half double crochet. Any space is indicated by parenthesis.


hdc – half double crochet

mc – magic circle

ch – chain

dc – double crochet


Magic Lantern Granny Square Pattern

Row 1: 18 hdc in mc

crochet magic lantern pattern


Row 2: *3 hdc, ch 2*  repeat from *to* 6 times in each ch space

crochet magic lantern pattern


Row 3: *3 hdc, ch 2, 3 hdc* repeat from *to* 6 times in each ch space

crochet magic lantern granny square free pattern


Row 4: *(3 hdc, ch 4, turn, dc in third ch from hook, dc in next ch, 3 hdc) (3 hdc)

(4 hdc, 2 dc) (3 dc) (2 dc, 4 hdc) (3 hdc)* repeat from *to* 2 times

crochet magic lantern free pattern


Row 5: sc around increase in the highlighted areas

crochet magic lantern free pattern


Cut your yarn and weave in any loose ends.



Stay tuned for more magic lantern posts! I plan to make a bunch more and sew them together to create a much needed laptop sleeve.

If you liked this blog post, you can share it on Pinterest with this collage!

free crochet pattern magic lantern granny square

I hope you enjoyed both of these crochet patterns! Be sure to share any of your finished magic lanterns with me on Instagram with #picotpals. I’d love to see what you come up with!

Have a great week!

P.S. If you’re looking for more free granny square patterns, check out

They have tons and tons of amazing free crochet patterns!


2 Replies to “Magic Lantern Granny Squares: Free Pattern”

  1. I’VE SEEN THIS PATTERN! I think it was called a “magnolia medallion “. I tried to make it as a blanket, but the colors I chose didn’t look so great together. I’ll get back to it soon, tho’. And I’ll send you a picture! Thanks for putting it out there again. It’s a beautiful thing.

    Sent from my iPhone



    1. I have to look that up. I was wondering where that diagram came from, thanks for the helpful tip! I’m just using a bunch of yarn scraps so I’m a little nervous about the color combination. However, I do kind of enjoy the random bright pops of color.


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