Free Pattern: Mini Dream Catcher


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I’ve always wanted to make my own but the prospect of learning a new craft  seemed a little daunting. This dream catcher can be made with (mostly) basic crochet skills.

I  got the idea to use a recycled plastic  base for a dream catcher after seeing an image of a crochet mandala within a hula hoop. I didn’t have any hula hoops on hand. Even if I did, I’m not so sure that I would have enough patience to crochet something so huge! When I stumbled across some small cups in the pantry, I decided to make something similar but on a much smaller scale. I used these 3.5 oz solo cups  to create mini dreamcatchers.

free crochet pattern dream catcher how to
I cut the bottom off of the cup then cut in a few vertical lines (this keeps the top circle from cracking). Then I trimmed off the excess plastic to leave behind a little circle. Be kind of gentle with the circle while trimming, it can snap if you bend it too much.
Free crochet pattern dream catcher sketch
I did a quick, rough sketch of what I wanted the crochet section of the dream catcher to look like.





mc – magic circle

ch – chain

sc – single crochet

sl st – slip stitch

hdc – half double crochet

Row 1: ch 3 (this counts as the first hdc and ch 1) *hdc, ch 1* 11 times, sl st into 3rd ch

Row 2: *ch 5, sc into next ch space* 12 times, 2 sl st around ch 5 loop

Row 3: *ch 5, sc into next ch space* 12 times, 2 sl st around ch 5 loop

Row 4: *ch 6, sc into next ch space* 12 times, 2 sl st around ch 5 loop

Row 5: *ch 7, sc into next ch space* 12 times,  sl st around ch 5 loop

Crocheting Around the Plastic Circle

ch 1, sc through your last sc and the plastic, *7 sc around the plastic only (skip the ch 7), sc through next sc* 12 times, sl st to the first sc around the plastic

Making the Outer Loop (for easy hanging)

ch 12, turn, sl st into next sc, finish off.

Adding Fringe & Extras

I added three tassels to the bottom of the dream catcher with a tapestry needle. If you haven’t made tassels before, this tutorial is super helpful. I attached these size 11/0 gold seed beads to the tops of the fringe for a lil sparkle. I think pom poms, beads, or any other tiny crafty things you have on hand would work as an embellishment.


dream catcher
I hung the dream catcher to my new crocheting shelf!



These would look really cute as a key fob or a bag charm. I want to make a bunch of these in different sizes to use as a headboard like this one ~


dreamcatcherimage source: the whoot


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Happy crocheting (:

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