23 Free Crochet Patterns: Sea Creatures

Ever since I was at the beach I had a craving to crochet sea themed things! I found a bunch of free crochet patterns for making different sorts of critters one might see along the coast. These patterns range from anatomically correct crochet specimen to huggable amigurimi plushies. I hope you can find your favorite animal within this list or get inspired to create your own pattern after seeing all of these creative ones!

(I don’t own any of these patterns or images. I’ve just curated a list of my favorite patterns made by talented crochet designers!)


Mortimer Manta Ray – Pops De Milk

free crochet pattern manta ray amigurumi


Ursula the Sea Urchin – Clumsy Unicorn Designs

free crochet pattern sea urchin.jpg


Air Plant Jellyfish – One Dog Woof

free crochet pattern air plant jellyfish


Starfish Amigurumi – Sabrina Boscolo

free crochet pattern starfish amigurumi


Cute Octopus – Lisa Beauchemin

free crochet pattern octopus amigurumi kawaii


Baby Humpback Whale – One Dog Woof

free crochet pattern whale amigurumi


Naiad the Nudibranch – Emma Crafts Design

free crochet pattern sea slug nudibranch amigurumi


Giant-ish Squid – Pops De Milk

free crochet pattern squid amigurumi


Seahorse – Jessica Polka

free crochet pattern seahorse amigurumi.jpg


Dumbo Octopus – Mohu Mohu

free crochet pattern octopus amigurumi


Little Blue Lobster – Kara Lyon

free crochet pattern lobster amigurumi


Shark Time Pouch – Tamara Kelly

free crochet pattern shark pencil case


Sand Dollar – NyanPon

free crochet pattern sand dollar


Krabby Kurt – Rikke Sorensen

free crochet pattern crab amigurumi


Crocheted Fish – Aurelie MarieMad

free crochet pattern fish amigurumi


Ammonite Fossil – Crochet Hyper Mega Global Net

free crochet pattern seashell


Giant Kelp – Monica Balinger

Free crochet pattern seaweed kelp


Jellies – Suvies Crochet

free crochet pattern jellyfish amigurumi


Puffer Fish – Vanessa Mooncie

free crochet pattern pufferfish amigurumi.jpg


Cuttlefish Amigurumi – Elizabeth Frantz

free crochet pattern cuttlefish amigurumi.jpg


Chromodoris quadricolor – Tanja Oswald

free crochet pattern seaslug nudibranch


Nelson The Narwhal – What’s For Dinner?

free crochet pattern narwhal amigurumi


Leatherback Sea Turtle – Larah Uyeda

Free crochet pattern turtle amigurumi



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Free Crochet Patterns Sea Creatures


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