Random Acts of Yarn: My First Foray Into Yarnbombing

yarn bomb crochet toadstools

What is yarnbombing?

When I told my friends that I was working on a yarnbombing project, they had no idea what I was talking about. Yarnbombing is the warm n fuzzy, whimsical cousin of graffiti. Its urban art made with yarn instead of spray paint or chalk. These public works of art can range from tiny decorations installed in public places to massive stretches of crochet and knit that cover entire buildings and trees.


yarnbomb on tree crochet knit
Photo by Lorna Watt


Our Pink House by Olek


What I learned From my first attempt at yarnbombing..

  • Carefully consider how you’ll attach your work. I had a lot of difficulty knotting the tiny patch of mushrooms to the railing. Next time I might use zip ties to ensure that everything is securely attached.
  • Scout out your favorite park or public area with a measuring tape and (fully charged) phone in hand. I wasted a lot of time walking back and forth to fetch my measuring tape. The whole ‘finding the perfect spot’ process was long and disorganized. Next time I will definitely keep track of interesting places and their measurements in a more neat manner.
  • Contact your municipality before starting. Even though yarn can be easily removed, you’re still altering property. Make sure that this is legal in your area.
  • Don’t spend too much time looking on Pinterest. I always have to remind myself to get out and find my own inspiration instead of looking at Pinterest. While its an amazing resource, I can spend an hour getting intimidated by the amazing work of others instead of beginning my own project.


What I’d like to try next time:

  • Find a way to seamlessly attach my crochet ( I might buy some zip ties for this).
  • Enlist one or two friends to collaborate on some larger installment sculptures.
  • Add a tiny signature to my crochet.


I made the toadstools free hand and I attached them to a small loop stitch rectangle base. If you’d like the pattern just leave a comment below! I’d be happy to share my process for making them.

Happy Hooking!

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  1. I think twisty ties for grocery bags could work wonderfully! You can pre-lace them to your work and then add more as needed! Brava on your yarn-bombing! It’s beautiful!

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