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I’ve always had a tough time choosing the right colors to crochet with. I’d usually use my intuition to guide my color choices only to be dissatisfied with the end result and unravel after a few rows.

I came across this article on crochet color swatches. I had to try out the technique for myself!


Why make color swatches and cards?

Keep track of your inventory

All too often I’ve run out of a color without remembering what shade it was or even which brand it was from. It’s handy to have a little card with all the information about the yarn in your stash on it! You can easily identify what yarn you’ve used in past projects as well. This is especially helpful for me because I tend to forget which yarn I used in a pattern that I want to write and publish.

Test before you stitch

Colors of yarn appear different when they’re stitched into a fabric. When you create a color swatch, you can see how the color works with the texture of the yarn.

I like that these swatches allow you to see how colors work with one another. You can arrange combinations before stitching them together to see how they look together!

Stay inspired!

These little squares are perfect for matching up to colors that you see and love in objects around you. I saw a bunch of fresh peaches in my kitchen and decided to test out my swatches. I love the color combination that came about as a result.

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How to make crochet color swatches




Follow the crochet square pattern to make one square in every color you’d like to swatch.

On the index card, write the company name, fiber type, weight, color, and dye lot number. All of this information will be on the yarn label. If you’re having trouble finding anything, try checking out this article on reading yarn labels.


Bundle a tiny scrap of the yarn from each of your crochet squares and glue it to the corresponding color card.

Find a home for your cards and swatches so you always know where they are when you need them. I’m keeping mine in a little tea tin right by my yarn stash!

As always, Happy Crocheting!

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  1. Thanks for the interesting read about making crochet color swatches. You mentioned that you should always test the different colors together to see how it can work. I’m interested to learn if this is the case with different forms of swatches, like for fabric or something like that.

    1. I know this is definitely the case with paint so I’m sure it applies to fabrics as well! I think different colors and textures can create an ‘optical illusion’. I’ll have to research this and update my post a bit. Color science is so fascinating!

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