Free Crochet Pattern: Mini Mandala

free crochet pattern: mini mandala

Inspired by a basket of fresh peaches, I decided to make a summery little mandala!

free crochet pattern crochet mandala


You can buy an ad free, printable version of this pattern for $1.99 HERE on Etsy.


tapestry needle

3.25 mm crochet hook

cotton DK weight yarn in 5 colors (I used this yarn in the shades washed teal, peach orange, bright peach, lipstick pink, and mustard yellow)

Pattern Notes

start each row with a chain 2, slip stitch to the first double crochet of each row


mc – magic circle

ch – chain

sl st – slip stitch

dc – double crochet (US version)


Row 1: (with yellow) 16 dc in mc

Row 2: (with blue) *dc, ch 1, dc in same stitch* repeat from *to* 8 times

Row 3: (with light pink) sl st until the next open ch space *2 dc, ch 1, 2 dc in same stitch* repeat from *to* 8 times

Row 4: (with darker pink) sl st until the next open ch space *3 dc, ch 1, 3 dc in same stitch* repeat from *to* 8 times

Row 5: (with darkest pink) sl st until the next open ch space *4 dc, ch 1, 4 dc in same stitch* repeat from *to* 8 times

Row 6: (with yellow) sc in next 4 st, 3 sc in ch space, sc in next 4 st

The next part is pretty tricky, follow the steps below:

free crochet pattern, mandala tutorial

  1. Slip stitch into the next chain space
  2. Insert hook over the next chain space
  3. Pull up a loop and make a slip stitch, do this 3 more times for a total of 5 slip stitches
  4. Turn your work and insert the hook through a slip stitch and under the chain space, pull up a loop of yarn and slip stitch on top of the last slip stitch you made
  5. Repeat step four until you have reached the last slip stitch
  6. Continue to crochet around with the instructions from the beginning of row 6

Weave in the ends and your mini mandala is complete!

I’m going to use mine as a little dish scrubby. You can make a bunch to use as coasters or a bunting. I might test out a few different mandalas and arrange them as a wall hanging to add some color to my bedroom!

You can check out this post to see how I found a perfect peachy color combination and color swatches.

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free crochet pattern crochet mandala

free crochet pattern crochet mandala

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    1. Thank you so much! I had some difficulty understanding only written patterns for mandalas in the past. I picked out patterns that I think will be easy enough for beginners to follow with photo tutorials.

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