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I first saw this yarn on Instagram and instantly I was fascinated by the variety of pastel color ways! I searched further to find that Paintbox Yarns offers collections of gorgeous color combinations curated by designers. After researching the company a bit more, I kind of fell in love with their clean, modern take on crochet & knitting. Paintbox Yarns’ assortment of colors simply can’t be beat.

Making The Purchase

After 3 months of craving this yarn, I caved in and added a 10 pack of the cotton dk weight yarn in a color combo called “The Candy Shop” to my cart.

This brand is only sold at and On several occasions I was ready to buy a few 10 packs of yarn only to find that they were out of stock.

Shipping from is free in the US when you spend over $70. Because the company is based in the UK, shipping takes an average of 7-10 business days. I was told by a super polite and helpful customer service representative that there is no tracking code for you to see where your shipment is, which is fine for a regular buyer. Because I’m trying to schedule my blog posts according to the arrival of my new yarn, I found this a little bit frustrating.


It seems like there are always sales going on at! Be sure to check around for any discount codes. I was able to get 20% off my entire order. 

Paintbox yarns can be purchased in packs of 10 colors. DK cotton packs retail for about $32.50. Each ball of yarn is $3.25. This is sort of pricey considering that you’re only getting 302 yards of yarn per ball. However, the yarn is fun to work with and great quality!

Working With The Yarn

The texture of this yarn is so soft yet still firm when crocheted with a small hook. The yarn didn’t split at all as I worked with it. Compared to other cotton yarns, the amount of fuzziness is pretty minimal. The overall look of a finished piece is smooth. All of the colors look great together. I love this assortment of pastels and brights.



I can’t wait to work with this yarn to create colorful amigurumi, dish cloths, and garlands!

If you have trouble finding the right shades of yarn to use together, I definitely suggest that you check out Paintbox Yarns’ color combination packs.

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As always, Happy crocheting!

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