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I love the quirky, whimsical style at Anthropologie. While browsing through their website, I found a bunch of items that I could make with some yarn and a hook. I dug a little deeper and discovered free patterns that look super similar to the products in store!

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Sonoran Pommed Throw Blanket from Anthropologie

Make your own copycat Sonoran Pommed Throw Blanket with this free pattern! Just add a few of the crocheted balls to a throw you already own for a playful update.



Pretzel Rattles from Anthropologie


crochet pretzel pillow
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You can use this free pattern to make your own pretzel pillow. It looks like a larger version of the knitted Pretzel Rattles I saw while scrolling through the Anthro online store.


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Chunky knit blankets and pillows have gone from a trend to an interior design staple over the past few winters thanks to their oversized, cozy plushness! You can crochet your own chunky ‘knit’ with this free pattern for a big fluffy cushion. It’s made with thick roving yarn and a giant crochet hook so it works up super quickly.


These Lussi Crochet Dishcloths are $18 at Anthropologie. They look so simple to crochet and I love the color combination. You can find a free pattern for similar crochet dishcloths here .

Lussi Crochet Dishcloths from Anthropologie


Woven wall hangings like this one have been a huge trend since last spring. If you don’t know how to weave, you can crochet one instead with this free pattern and tutorial from Sweet Everly B.

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Woven wall hangings from Anthropologie


I saw this crochet Peter Pan collar from Anthro and I knew it would be easy to crochet! This would add a sweet 50’s vibe to a vintage dress. You can make your own with this free pattern from

IMG_2600 copy
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crochet collar from Anthropologie


This free pattern from All About Ami makes a headband that looks so similar to the Striped Terry Headband.


image from All About Ami



For chillier weather, you might opt for a cozy ear warmer. You can crochet your own ‘knit-like’ Marled Twist Earband with this ingenious free pattern from Wonder & Wool. I’ve been searching for a crochet pattern that mimics a knitted ‘twist’ and this one nails it perfectly!





image from Wonder & Wool


You can make a cute n cozy crochet headband inspired by Anthro’s winter hair accessories with this free crochet pattern from lovecityblog.

image from


crochet clutch from Anthro


As usual, the color combination and texture of this clutch is super cute! I especially like the pink zipper pull detail. This free pattern for a laptop case looks very similar to the construction of the Anthropologie clutch.


Laptop case from


Make your own Evelyn Mini Tote with this free pattern by Imani Duncan.




image from


Both bags are similar in their shape and style. Use a thick t-shirt yarn to crochet the tote and add long fringe to the bottom to complete the look.


These Anthropologie earrings were made by crocheting with fine thread around tiny stones.



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You can DIY something similar with this free pattern from Pearl Soho.




This beach inspired statement necklace is made with an i-cord and a piece of driftwood. You can crochet your own i-cord by following this free photo tutorial.




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Anthropology Crochet


As always, happy crocheting!

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  1. A great list of patterns to try! Thanks for including my wall hanging. It’s such a compliment to be listed among such talented makers.

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