How to Find and Join Pinterest Group Boards

Upon starting my crochet blog, I read about the benefits of using group boards but had no idea how to access them. I had to do some research before I was able to find my way around group boards.

Whether you just started a blog or you’re trying to drive traffic to your Etsy store, you can utilize Pinterest to expand your audience and get your creative ideas out there!

Why you should start pinning to group boards

  1. Grow your audience –  Many group boards have massive amounts of followers. If you pin to a group board, all of these followers will see your pin. This results in an increase in traffic to your site, exposure of your brand, and traffic to your site, instagram, or online shop. As an added bonus, pinning to a group board increases your Pinterest followers.
  2. Find quality content – Boards are moderated by an administrator (the creator of the board). The administrator can weed out sub par content. Therefore, You’re left with a lot of relevant, good quality pins to share and get inspiration from!
  3. Network – Group boards provide an opportunity for communicating with other creative people who share your interests. To begin pinning on a group board, you need to reach out to the board’s administrator. This acts as a great first step to get yourself out there.

Accessing group boards may seem daunting at first, but it’s actually really simple!

The process can be broken down into two parts:

  • finding relevant group boards
  • contacting the administrator of the boards you want to join


How to find group boards


Do a Pinterest search 

pinterest search for group boards.png

Just type the keyword that you’re looking for (mine is crochet) and group board. Limit your search by clicking boards. A bunch of group boards will show up that you can choose from!

Check your favorite pinner’s profile

Go to your favorite pinner’s profile and scroll through their boards. If you come across a pin with a split circle icon in the left hand corner then it’s a group board!


Crochet Pinterest Group Board
group board
not a pinterest group board
NOT a group board








Browse through the profiles of pinners that are successful in your niche to see which group boards they contribute to.


Comb through 

If you look up how to find group boards, you’re likely to come across pingroupie quite a bit.  This site lets you find group boards in your category and ranks them by order of pins, collaborators, and followers. 

Just choose which category you’re looking for and type a keyword into the title and description boxes (I typed crochet into both).

pingroupie screen shot.png

Pay close attention to the number of followers, likes p.1, and repins p.1. The higher the number under these columns, the more likely it is that your pins will attract attention and get shared. You can click the little blue icon to the left of the description to be taken directly to the board.


How to join a group board

Once you find a group board you’d like to join, look in the description for contact information.

group board description .png
Check above the most recent pins for the group description.

For this board there’s an email you can use to contact the administrator.  Some administrators will ask that you comment on one of their posts to get in touch with them. Others aren’t looking for new contributors and say this specifically in the group’s description.

Contacting a group administrator

Its definitely hard for some of us to reach out to someone we don’t know. Talking to a group administrator  was out of my comfort zone. Now that I’ve done it, I’m way more comfortable reaching out to other crochet lovers!

You may want to start by following the board as well as the administrator’s Pinterest profile.

If the board description suggests that you email the administrator, you can use this template to get yourself started.


Hi my name is (your name)

I (run a blog called where I (share crochet patterns, tips, and inspiration). I would love to be a part of your Pinterest group board (name of board)! My username on Pinterest is (your username). You can view my Pinterest profile here (link to Pinterest profile) or email me at (your email address) if you’re looking for collaborators for your board.

Thanks for your time!


If the board description suggests that you leave a comment on the administrator’s post, introduce yourself and and ask if they are accepting collaborators.

Give the group administrator a few weeks to get back to you. You may get an invitation via email or directly on your Pinterest account. On one occasion, I got an invitation a few months after asking to become a collaborator. Have patience and don’t be discouraged if some group  administrators don’t get back to you.


Things to consider

  • Always read the group descriptions thoroughly, there may be limits on what you can pin and how often.
  • Make sure that the boards you join match the current aesthetic of your blog or the direction you’d like to go in.
  • Don’t be afraid to reach out to others! It will get easier as you go. Generally, the crocheting community has been especially friendly and supportive.


If you liked this post, you can add this image to one of your blogging or business related Pinterest boards!

how to find and join pinterest group boards.jpg

Have an awesome week! Happy crafting (:

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