Monday Colorway

Monday Colorway.jpg
Photo by Matthias Van Rossen
High Court, Le Corbusier, 1955 | Chandigarh, IN


I have so much fun looking at all the gorgeous colors and textures of yarn that are out there! I can waste hours looking at beautiful things and daydreaming about color combinations. Somehow, when it comes down to picking out which colors of yarn to buy, I still struggle to pick out which ones look best together.

Every Monday I’m going to pick an image with color combos I love and find yarns that match. I also have the hex codes on each shade just in case you want to look up the color or use the same shade in your digital project.

You can find this week’s yarns at the links below:

Cascade Yarns Ultra Pima 100% Pima Cotton – Cornflower

Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Baby – Clotted Cream

Cascade Avalon Yarn (Worsted Weight Cotton Acrylic Blend) – Apricot Blush

Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino – Indigo

Cascade Yarns Ultra Pima 100% Pima Cotton – Yellow Rose

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4 Replies to “Monday Colorway”

    1. Thanks! I want to get the yarn from one of these color combinations to make a garment of some sort. I just hope I have the patience to actually complete something that big.

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