Giraffe Baby Booties

To make these giraffe baby booties I used this free pattern from Croby Patterns. If you’re looking for baby shoe patterns or new to crocheting, she makes a bunch of easy to follow patterns and video tutorials. Her site is definitely worth checking out!

crochet giraffe applique against a knitted sweater

I used my own free pattern to make the giraffe’s face. You can find the pattern here. Just sew the applique onto the front of the shoe with a tapestry needle.

To create the tail, I attached my yarn to the back of each bootie and chained 6, turned, then made 5 single crochets in the chain and slip stitched into the next stitch. I added a little bit of fuzzy ‘fringe’ to the tail by knotting some brown yarn into the end of the stitch.

I cut tiny circles from felt and sewed them onto the exterior of the shoe to create the look of polka dots!

crochet giraffe baby booties
I sewed the polka dots on randomly before stitching on the face.

You can save this collage to one of your crochet Pinterest boards!

Colorful Floral Photo Spring Pinterest Graphic

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  1. Oh my goodness, these are adorable!! I don’t have a baby or really know any babies but I really want to make these…

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