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Its time for some spring cleaning and I’m ready to breathe some fresh air into my little creative corner!

My workspace is a hectic looking mess at the moment. I have the most fun creating when I’m in a clean space surrounded by beautiful things that I love! Unfortunately, I’m rather disorganized and this is rarely the case.

I’m going to start storing my yarn scraps in apothecary jars. They give a kind of vintage/sophisticated feel to a creative space while providing storage for yarn that might otherwise get tangled up and thrown out. 


I scoured Pinterest for pretty examples of apothecary jar yarn storage that I could easily recreate.

I love how these colorful balls of yarn are displayed in tall, curvy glass jars.
A collection of pink crochet thread looks especially tidy and pretty. If you have an excess of the same material that you got on sale, this is a great way to store it!
This wide and stout, simple jar filled with monochromatic yarns of different textures has a more rustic look. You could keep a collection of your favorite yarns, interesting looking supplies, and other knick knacks in a jar like this and look to it for a boost of inspiration.
picture from Haven Vintage on Etsy
Brighten up a space-saving corner shelf with a collection of apothecary jars and a mini washi tape banner. It looks like the two smaller jars are actually up-cycled candle containers!

Diy or buy?

If you want to make your own apothecary jars you can do so with materials available at any thrift store or Dollar Tree and E-6000 adhesive with this tutorial.

You can also clean out old glass candle holders to make tiny apothecary jars of your own. To remove wax from a candle jar, simply keep it in the freezer overnight. The next morning the wax will pop out all in one piece.

I love the idea of making a miniature washi tape bunting to decorate a little corner of my workspace. You can make one with this tutorial.

I want to get all of these pretty Vincent Van Gogh inspired washi tapes while they’re still on sale!

You can get this set of three glass pedestaled apothecary jars here

or a singe wide mouth jar here.

Now I’m off to beautify my crafting space. As always, happy crocheting!
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