Crochet Ice Cream Bear

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I think that food crochet is super playful and fun. This cute ice cream bear is a whimsical  way to enjoy sweets while avoiding all the guilty calories that accompany them.

crochet ice cream

I couldn’t resist crocheting an ice cream cone after seeing this free pattern. The pattern designer, Normalynn Hood, creates all sorts of tasty looking crochet treats. Her site is definitely worth checking out if you love food as much as you love crochet! I also made “whipped cream” from another one of Normalynn’s free patterns which you can find here.

I figured that I could make my ice cream cone a little bit cuter by turning it into a bear sundae!

For the cone I used Red Heart Supersaver yarn in the shade buff and a 2.75mm hook. The whipped cream is also Red Heart in the color soft white. I used a 3mm hook for this to give it a ‘fluffier’ look. The ice cream and ears are made with beige Vanna’s Choice yarn. The cherry is made with a red acrylic yarn.

crochet bear ingredients.jpg

I made my own pattern for the ears and the cherry. The safety eyes I’m using are 6mm. I embroidered a tiny oval of felt with brown thread.

Cherry (make with bright red yarn)

row 1: 6 sc in mc, sl st (6)

row 2: ch 1, inc in each st, sl st (12)

row 3: ch 1, sc around, sl st (12)

row 4: ch 1, dec around, sl st (6)

stuff and finish off leaving a long tail

Ears (make 2 in the same shade as the ice cream)

row 1: 6 sc in mc, sl st (6)

row 2: *inc, 2 sc* repeat from *to* 2 times, sl st (8)

row 3: *inc, 3 sc* repeat from *to* 2 times, sl st (10)

finish off and leave a long tail


Getting the bear together is very simple. First I pinned the ears to make sure they were symmetrical.

Then I sewed them on when everything looked just right. I sewed the cherry to the whipped cream and attached that next.

coverbear detail

Because this is a gift for an adult (and not a toy), I attached the felt piece with a little bit of fabric glue and the safety eyes with super glue. If you’re making this for a child, I suggest that you attach the safety eyes before stuffing the ice cream just to avoid any kind of choking hazard.

coverbear straight

Once the face is all sewn on, you’re done! I kept my ice cream bear simple. If you want, you could add mini pompoms for sprinkles or brown puffy paint for hot fudge.

Enjoy your guilt free high fiber sundae bear!



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