Amigurumi For Beginners

I’ve spent countless hours trying to create amigurumi critters & plants ever since I learned how to crochet. My first projects came out disappointingly lumpy with stuffing coming out everywhere. The first successful amigurumi projects I ever completed were these mushrooms–fungus is naturally lumpy anyway, right? Over the years I’ve made so much progress!

When I started trying to learn amigurumi, I knew very little about it (I barely knew how to pronounce it). At that time I really wished there was some sort of beginner’s guide with specific instructions and resources all in one place. Over the next few weeks, I plan to share what worked for me, what hasn’t worked, and other tips that I’ve picked up along the way! I hope this collection posts helps aspiring amigurumi makers to avoid the frustrating mistakes I made in the past.

Before you take the time to read the rest of this guide, make sure you’re comfortable with the following crochet terms and skills:

  • crochet in the round
  • The basic crochet stitches ( single, double, and triple crochet in US terminology)
  • joining rounds
  • working in continuous rounds
  • crochet increases
  • crochet decreases
  • changing colors

If you’re already comfortable with those skills then you’re ready to move ahead! If not, spend some time researching those terms and check back in for more soon!

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